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QUESTION: I have 2 creamer dishes and am  looking for any info on them.
on looks more like stainless steel {only in the sense that it doesn't seem like black tarnished silver} on the bottom reads {HF 1098 silver plate italy}

The other looks like it was silver plated and has been worn off, it says ROGERS, then below that quadruple, then the # 951

and info on these would be great, how old they are what they are made of and by whom etc thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Tina;
Thanks for your post. The first item is an Italian import and probably is stainless steel for commercial use a restaurant, hotel, resort or club. The HF 1098 is most likely the pattern number.
The Rogers piece is much older from between 1880 to about 1910 and made in the US. The #951 is the pattern number.
If it looks like pewter that's because the base metal is Britannia metal containing the same ingredient as pewter and was the most common base metal for quadruple plated hollowware.
I could give you a better Who, When & Where with a picture of the maker mark as there were about 30 different Rogers silver interests at that time.
The term Quadruple or Quadruple Plate refers to thickness of silver. Silver plate is a skin of pure silver over a non precious base metal and over time that skin wears through exposing the base metal.
There s no toxicity using the service ware that way, but may change the way cretin things taste. Silver plating will correct that and you can use the item for years to come.
Thanks for your interest and enjoy your silver.
Mitch Paul   

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

bottom of tea pot
bottom of tea pot  
QUESTION: I will photo the other creamer base and upload it.
This photo is the base to my tea pot. I can't find anything anywhere on it I had you guys {Michelle Lieberman} give me a bit of info on it in 2008. She didn't know what the #6 meaning was. I am curious on what the value may be on this as well. It's a normal size tea pot. Thanks Mitch! here is the link to that thread

Hey Tina;
All the info from previous experts checks out to be accurate to me and I have a resolution to the mysterious "6" by the maker marks. This item is from a set consisting of several pieces. The teapot is #6 the coffee pot is #5 the sugar bowl #4 the creamer #3 and the waste bowl #1 if it has a hot water kettle with a stand & burner it's probably # 7 the tray however is numbered differently.
Thanks for your interest and I look forward to solving any more mysteries.
Enjoy your silver,
Mitch Paul  

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