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Came across my parents 1881 Rogers Oneida Ltd. forks, knives, spoons in wooden box holder which has sticker "tested and approved anti-tarnish Oneida Ltd. laboratories".   How should these be cleaned? Are they silver?  No other markings on back of utensils .  My parents were married in 1934.

Hi Peggy;
Thanks for the interest in your parents silver. What you have is silver plated flatware from between World Wars I & II made either in the US or Canada. The 1881 Rogers mark was a trademark and not a vintage. The reference to Oneida is as a result of mergers that took place during that period with many other companies bearing the Oneida name along with the companies acquired.
It's best to look at the backs of the spoons for a "moon" or wear through to the base metal.
Look for pitting on the fork tines or spoons indicating the need for replating. You could try a good polish like Hagarty's, Wright's, Goddard's or Cape Cod all available just about everywhere.
Sometimes silver is so tarnished that hand polishing won't do and replating is recommended. The box is lined with a monk's robe brown Pacific cloth and is the recommended method for storage. The effectiveness can be boosted by placing anti tarnish strips by Hagerty or 3M. You can also put white chalk and or camphor (not moth balls)that can be ordered from your pharmacist.
The flatware you have is nice and heavy and should be usable and restorable for many generations. If it's monogrammed, so much the better, and distributing it to your decedents will be appreciated.
If I can provide and more details let me know.
Enjoy your silver,
Mitch Paul  

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