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I have a set of Reed & Barton flatware.
I have searched websites trying to locate the pattern, but haven't had any luck.
Perhaps you can tell me.  And it is silver or stainless.  On the back of the knife is:  Reed & Barton  Mirrorstele  which I did research.  But my husband bought this set and I'm hoping it is sterling.
I have attached a picture.
Thank you very much.

Hi Ms. Becky and thanks for your post. All Reed & Barton sterling silver flatware will have the word sterling on the back near the makers name and patern.
Unfortunately your set is silver plate, a "skin" of pure silver over a non precious base metal in this case "Mirrorstele."
Your pattern is "Wisteria" and was only made of silver plate in about 1966. Even though silver plate is valued at just a fraction of sterling silver, it's no less attractive or usefull. One problem with Mirrorstele is that it might not be restored once the silver wears through. You can test it with a magnet and if they attract or stick it's not restorable and should be kept away from long term exposure to moisture as it has a tendency to rust.
I hope this information is useful and feel free to makr contact if I can be of more assistance.
Enjoy your silver,
Mitch Paul

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