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QUESTION: I have a decorative silver bowl from Bruckmann und Sohne,Heilbronn, Germany. In addition to the makers mark there is a stamped 37 and a stamped "no.11887". I wondered if either of these could tell me when the piece was made. And of course, I wonder if there is a value you could generally estimate for it.

Thanks so much.

ANSWER: Hi, Sonja.

I'm assuming the "11887" is a model number. I don't know what the "37" represents.

Look at the marks on this page for this company: . The "800" represents 80% silver content. The "800" is common but you might also see other similar numbers. If such as number is missing, it probably means the piece is made of silver plate or perhaps some other metallic composition.  Since this number is missing on your piece, we have to assume it does not have a high silver content.

It's possible the "37" refers to silver content. See this article about silver plate from Germany: . I've never seen this as the case because the silver plate indicators are usually rounded off such as "20", "40", "100", etc.

Since this has a model number on it (generally a later touch), I'm guessing this was made in the 20th century before 1973.

Without knowing exactly what we have here, I'm guessing the value is low - $10 to $30 but don't take my word for it.

Sorry I could not help more.

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Sorry for not including the maker's mark. It's the crescent moon then the crown, then 800, then the eagle. I know it's solid silver, well 80%. The hallmark is on one oval area I'll call north. The stamped 37 to the west and the stamped model no.11887 on the east oval...on the back side, of course. The model no. doesn't give any indication of a year of production? Maybe a starting year? Thanks for all your help.

I understand the marks with the crown and crescent became requirements after 1886 so we have a starting point. I found some vague information which indicates the model number of your piece may be later than 1910, perhaps well on into the 20th century. Sorry I could not do better.


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