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Silver and Flatware/Silver Cutlary with writen Italy 800 with Crown Hallmark on the back



We have Antique set of Silver Cutlery includes spoons, Forks, Knives, serving spoons etc....all the pieces have below mentioned written on the back....

Italy 800 with Crown Sign/monogram/hallmark

Can you please advice

Hi Shweta and thanks for your interest. The silver you have is not sterling silver which is 925 parts per thousand silver and not silver plate which is a skin of pure silver over a non precious base metal.
Yours is 800 silver which is 800 parts per thousand silver and 200 parts per thousand other metals. The crown is the manufactures mark as goods with less than 925 parts silver are not hallmarked.
Blends such as yours can be cared for as you would care for sterling silver. The knives are different in that the handles are a shell of 800 silver and the blades would be iron, carbon steel or stainless steel. If the blades loose their edge, rust or break, they can be replaced through a local jeweler, table top or better gift shop.
Enjoy your silver,
Mitch Paul

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