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I have several flatware pieces from different companies. One of them is a cake/pie server. On the back is the company stamp from Simon L & George H Rogers Company with a stamp of X/TRA. I wanted to know if it has any value.  I think it's silver plate, but I am not sure.

Hi Shannon and thanks for your post. I'm not an appraiser and unfortunately can't value items, but can authenticate them. What you have is silver plateed flatware probably from between world I & II and made in the USA in either Hartford or Meriden CT. In the absense of the word sterling or certin other markings it's safe to presume the rest is silver plated and of limited commercial value.  Simon L & George H Rogers Company was one of the many to form the International Silver Company in the 1890's, the "X/TRA" was a trade name for a heavier deposit of silver as silver plate is a skin of pure silver over a non precious base metal.
If you like what you have, mixing patterns adds a nice touch to any occasion. Over time this "skin" of silver wears off and needs to be replenished. A change in color or acrid and metalic taste is a good indicator it's time to restore. You can fine restoration options online and depending where in Texas you are there may be a local jewelry, gift, table top store or bridal registry that offers this service.
If I can be of furthue service, feel free to post us back.
Enjoy your silver, Mitch Paul  

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