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I have a silver plated water pitcher, at least 100 years old.

On bottom is "1847 Silver Co." and "Quadruple" with # 373 below

I want to know how old the pitcher is, where it was made. The number "373" I assume means it was one of 373 pitchers made of this type?

James Hightower
Tyrone, Georgia

Hi, James.

I'm not familiar with "1847 Silver Co." I wonder if this was an attempt to emulate the "1847 Rogers" brand, now owned by International Silver.

"Quadruple" means that the layer of silver on the surface is thicker than normal. However, it is still extremely thin.

The "373" probably is a model number.

It's hard to say when the pitcher was made since I can't identify the company. The fact that it has a model number probably indicates it was made after 1900 but that's no guarantee.

Sorry I could not help more.

Best wishes,


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