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QUESTION: I have this serving set and I would like to know about it if you can help with any information and value in todays market if any. I do not know if it is an item to donate to our local thrift shop or place value to. Thank you

ANSWER: Hi, Amber.

Pictures lose some resolution through the AllExperts process so I can't quite make out the last hallmark figure. The first ones appear to be "E.V" plus a crown plus a lion. Can you describe the last mark and confirm what I think I see?

I think this set has significant value. That's why I' want to make sure I understand the hallmarks. Just pose your answer as another question.



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QUESTION: the last mark is what looks like a g facing right

ANSWER: I'm not familiar with this particular manufacturer mark ("E.V"). I have seen it attributed to "Emil Viner", "Emile Viner" and "Edward Viner" from various sources. All agree that the crown and lion represent sterling made in Sheffield, England. The "g" is a date mark. It may represent 1924.

The value will depend somewhat upon the size/capacity of the pieces. It's safe to assume the value is in the hundreds of dollars, maybe more.

If you are interested in selling it, send an email to I'll have a few questions to help me develop an offer.

Best wishes,


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QUESTION: the email  is not working from my hotmail account. any suggestions as to how I can send more pictures and a few of additional pieces that I have?

Ask another question and post the pictures to it. Mark the question as private so I can add personal details in the answer. Since pictures are limited, you may have to ask multiple questions to get them all posted.

You could also create am account on one of the free picture storage accounts like Snapfish.


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