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  I have a very unusual sterling silver large serving spoon that I need to sell. I have no idea what it is worth or where to sell it. I am hoping you can help me with information.
 This spoon is large and heavy and has an unusual royal crest on the handle. It was made in Dublin.
The crest from my research is the crest of Montgomery, Earl of Eglinton crest.

ďA female figure, proper [natural color] , anciently attired azure [blue] , holding in her dexter [right] hand an anchor Or [gold] , and in her sinister[left] hand the head of a savage, couped [cut off with no neck showing] , of the first [facing the viewer]
  I could only attach 2 pictures , but I have many more. please reply for more information.


Based on the duty mark (King George III) and the date mark ("N" inside a shield), I'm guessing this piece was made in 1809. I can't quite make out the manufacturer's mark. Does it look like a "PW" to you? If so, it might be Phillip Weekes. However, records indicate Weekes did not register his mark until 1816.

This looks like an early version of the "King" or "Kings" pattern that was later made by many manufacturers. The intricate design of the pattern and the bowl design would not be typical of the period, I think. However, the earl you mentioned may have commissioned an expensive set.

My problem is that I don't have enough experience with pieces like this to give you an estimate of value. I suggest contacting on of the large auction houses dealing in high end items (Christie's, Sotheby's, etc.). They would see pieces like this much more often that I do. These businesses might offer a channel to sell through but with only one piece, they may not be interested.

I'm sorry I could not be of much help. I would not want to give you inaccurate information.

Best wishes,


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