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Hi Jim,

My question is actually if you could give me some information about two particular brands of silver plated cutlery. One is Oneida/community. I have a six person dinner set of the Hampton Court Pattern. I was wondering what range of quality this is. The other is St James in the sweet rose pattern which barely anyone seems to have heard of. It claims to be made in the 1940's before the Second World War exclusively for David Jones. Not sure how accurate this is. I am wondering if the Oneida is a better quality than the St James. Both are used/second hand. I have researched new silver plate cutlery from christofel for one and cannot come close to affording a full dinner set for 8. That's why I am looking at second hand pieces. Any information would be great.

Thank you


Hi, Nicole.

When talking about quality of silver plate pieces, two things come to mind immediately. The first is the crispness of the design. Pieces are formed from melted metal being poured into molds. If the molds are not done well or if they are used too long, the design may not be as crisp as it should. The second is the thickness of the silver plate layer. Even the thickest is still extremely thin. This layer could wear off in time. When you see dark or brass colored spots on a silver plate piece that cannot be polished off, it's often the underlying metal showing through. The only way to fix that is to have a piece re-plated which is probably more expensive than the piece is worth.

Oneida Community is thought to be of good quality in the industry. Generally, used pieces don't sell for much but that does not mean they can't be used for years to come if the plating is still intact.

I do not know anything about the other manufacturer. It was once common for retailers to have pieces made just for them but I don't know if that is the case here.

Generally, used silver plate flatware from most any manufacturer does not have a high value. Christofel is an exception to this rule.

I'd do some research by looking at actual sales on eBay. Not only will you get an idea of actual selling price, you might also spot something you like or need. If you do decide to buy something, I recommend only buying from sellers who offer a good return policy.

Sorry I could not address the question about St James.

Best wishes,


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