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Hi Jim
I received 2 silver serving ladles and a silver spoon. I am unable to find any information on them or the silversmiths.
One ladle was manufactured by Ray Hess and the handle is stamped RAY HESS HANDMADE STERLING. There are no flowers on the ladle but a small design on the tip of the handle.  The ladle is 6.6 inches long. I am not able to find any information on Ray Hess.
The other ladle was manufactured by WM ROGERS & SON (stamped on handle of ladle) along with additional markings but not able to make it out. This ladle is very pretty with matching flowers at the tip of the handle, along with same but smaller flowers along the shaft. This ladle is 7 inches long.
The spoon I have was made by ALLAN ADLER with ALLAN ADLER STERLING  on the underside. It appears something is stamped on the spoon but again, I can not make anything of it. This spoon is 5 inches long.
If you can forward on any information about the spoon & ladles or the silversmiths, I would be delighted.
Thank you so much in advance,


The WM Rogers & Son Brand was taken over by International Silver Co. in 1898. Most of the patterns were made of silver plate. You might be able to find your pattern here: . Look under Wm Rogers and International Silver. If I am correct about the silver plate construction, the ladle probably does not have great value.

I understand that Allan Adler was in business between 1939 and 2003. A few lines of flatware were sold by this company. You can see some of the patterns at the same web site referenced above. A number of Adler sterling spoons have sold on eBay recently in the range of $25 to $50.

I have not been able to find anything on the Hess piece.

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