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We found this piece buried in dirt in my grandmothers cellar.  We haven't been able to find much about Parker Casper or anything about the piece online.  Hoping you can hope with what this is as well as, the value of the piece.

The markings are as follows:
Parker Casper & Co on top arc.
The number 81 appears in the center of the markings.
W Meridian CT printed straight across the bottom.

Thank you for your time.  We anxiously await your findings.

David Ficarella


Parker & Casper Co. was formed in 1866 in Meriden, CT. In 1869, they were taken over by Wilcox Silver Plate Co, which was itself taken over by International Silver Company in 1898. I do not know how long the Parker Casper mark was used by Wilcox and International, if at all. However, it was common for the buying company to continue to use marks from the old company.

I think Parker & Casper pieces were made generally of silver plate or "britannia metal". This was a pewter-like metal (no silver included) that had a silver appearance.

The "81" on your piece probably is a model number or pattern number.

Since it is highly probable your piece contains little silver (if it's silver plate) or no silver (if it's Britannia), the value is not related to silver content. The piece is unique and, assuming it can be polished up nicely, any value will be based upon its design. I have no experience with this manufacturer but I did find a couple of sales of pieces from the company on eBay. They were unique also but not the same as yours. They sold for about $30 each.

There are a couple of sets on eBay that have not sold yet for which the seller is asking quite a lot. You might follow these to see if they actually sell and for what. Just search for "Parker Casper" on eBay.

Sorry I could not help more.

Best wishes,



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