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Infant Spoon  
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Toddler Spoon  
QUESTION: I have a knife, fork and spoon in Reed & Barton mirrorstele that is for a toddler. On the knife handle there is a dog chasing a squirrel, the spoon has cats and on back birds and the fork has rabbit and on back its has a frog and a fish. Could you tell me what the pattern is and its value please?

And, I have a infant spoon in Reed & Barton Lunt. Is Lunt the pattern and could you tell me its value?

Your help is most appreciated. I wanted to pass it down in the family.   Martha


Before answering, I'd like to get clarification on a couple of points.

With respect to the three-piece set, does it say "Mirrorstele" only on the knife blade or on all three pieces. If that word is not on the fork and spoon, tell me what you find on the back.

What does it say exactly on the back of the infant spoon?

This will help me narrow it down a bit.



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QUESTION: The knife only has the Reed and Barton Mirrorstele. The fork and spoon say Reed and Barton only.

Appreciate your help Jim.



The three-piece set probably is made of silver plate since the word, "Sterling", is not present. The knife blade is stainless steel. I have not been able to find a pattern name but I did find a very similar (maybe exact) set like this that sold on eBay last year for $33.00. That sounds about right for a silver plate specialty set like this.

What words/symbols are on the back of the infant spoon.


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QUESTION: On the back of the infant spoon is it says LUNT STERLING. Sorry it is in a Reed and Barton plastic but I guess the manufacturer is LUNT.

All your help is appreciated.


The Lunt spoon may be in the pattern known as "Early American Plain". There is another version of "Early American" that has a design on the handle.

The monogram on your spoon makes it difficult to nail down a value. Sterling infant feeding spoons sell in a wide range from about $20 to about $100 when sold by an individual. It just depends upon how popular the pattern is, usually, as well as the impact of the monogram.

Hope this helps.


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