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inlaid details
inlaid details  
I received a very large food server platter from an older family member. It has nice inlay design, and is tarnished like its silver(box it was in has the word silver written on it. Is about 28 inches long by 20 inches wide with two decretive handles. on back is engraved with Victorian Rose WM Rogers and Sons 1992. Obviously i assume the number is the date and makers. I would like to know if its real silver and if only platted, and what quality of silver is it. I would like to know its market value, if i should hold onto it as investment(demand in future go higher, is it a sought after piece). And where would be the best place to sell it for fair price. Im in Central Wisconsin, or is there a safe online site(i do not do ebay). Maybe some factually stuff if you know it like how many where made its uses, distribution,ex.  Thanks For any information you can provide. Its nice but so big and heavy really no use for it in the smaller houses we live in, maybe is made for the Victorian style ones(hence the name and era?)

Hi, Brandon.

Actually, the "1992" is the model number of the tray. It is listed as an International Silver item because International now owns this Rogers brand. It is made of silver plate. I do not know when the hollowware pattern was introduced but I do know the Victorian Rose flatware pattern was introduced in 1954.

Unfortunately, used silver plate items like this don't hold value very well. For example, a similar tray like this (model 1991) recently sold on eBay for $55.00. That's a typical price. See: .

I would not consider this an investment grade item. The most value would come from using and/or displaying it. You could take it to a high-end antique dealer for a second opinion and to see what they would offer you for it.

You asked about online sales channels. The big boy is eBay, of course. For local sales, you could try A site I have not tried is I have a friend who has been successful there.

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