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I am trying to identify a wine cooler I bought at an estate sale last weekend. I checked online at
for the LSG mark on the bottom of the wine cooler and found Langford Silver Galleries 1962..1997. There is also a mark above LSG but I'm able to decipher it.

Would you be so kind as to review the attached photos and let me know  (1) if it was made by Langford or another silver company, (2) estimate a date when it was made, (3) what the mark above LSG is, and (4) if the piece is silver or silverplate?  It's embossed (relief style) with a lovely flower pattern and very fine etching on the leaves. 11 1/2" h 8" widest point

Photographing silver is a challenge: light reflections, glare, etc. ,but I tried to do it justice. The luster on the piece is somewhat more intense than I was unable to capture in the pictures.

I will send 2 more photos in a follow-up email, same subject heading.

Thanks very much, in advance.


ANSWER: Hello.

I don't have any experience with items from this company but I can offer a couple of thoughts. The mark does appear to be from Langfords. Since they started business in 1937, the cooler was obviously made after that date. It's difficult to date beyond that.

I don't know what the mark is above the "LSG" but there are no marks to indicate that the cooler is made of sterling. Therefore, it's very likely to be made of silver plate.

I could find no sales of items similar to this so I don't know the value. Since it's not made of sterling and since it's not that old, I'd guess that the value is under $100 but I cannot be sure.

One way to test the value is to ask Langfords if they would be willing to buy it: You have the model number (6947) so it should be easy for them to determine what you have. If they make an offer, at least you have the low end of a value range.

Sorry I could not help more.

Best wishes,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Silver Test
Silver Test  

Silver Test
Silver Test  

I have not heard back from Langford's. I was hesitant to do a silver test on the wine cooler; nervous about the   outcome either way. I did it twice and got the same results. Please view attached photos, 2 sections of one photo. The piece may, indeed, be silver but would like your opinion on the test results.

Also, in further research (before I did the test) I found LSG as a Mexico mark for silver: 925. Of course, then this get a  bit confusing, but I found it here:

The wine cooler weight is 5 lbs. 11 1/2" h 8" widest point. Any thoughts on possible value?

If it is sterling silver, I'll do the extra research to find out as much as I can about the design and what the LSG mark is. I think it's odd that Langford has not responded to my emails. Sent a follow-up asking them to confirm receipt of email;...."if unable to respond to my questions, i'd quite understand." Still no reply.

Thanks much, in advance.



Mexican marks are not consistent. Many, but not all, Mexican silver pieces have a number included to identify the silver content. 925 is common but also are others such as 980 (for 98% silver content).

Sorry I've been able to help much.


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