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I have two WmARogers flatware sets.. They are both service for 8 and are in the cases...I would like confirm the pattern names, what year were they made and what is their value?  One set is wm a Rogers silver overlaid...the pattern name may be Chalice, Harmony or Jasmine and may have been produced in is in very good condition.  The second set is wm a rogers extra plate...patern may be magnolia (it's the one with the flower pattern in the photos...I have no idea on the is tarnished but is in good condition in the case also.  I would like any info you can give me on these.  Is it okay to clean these? will it Chang the value?   Thank you!


As you have seen, the Wm. A. Rogers brand was taken over by Oneida in the early twentieth century. The pattern you have was known by all three names. It could be that they were introduced at various times under other brands. Also take note that some of the names could also have been used for other patterns. As companies were bought and sold, this happened. The pattern appears to have been introduced in 1958 but under which name I do not know and for how many years it was manufactured I do not know. Unfortunately, used silver plate flatware does not hold its value very well. Sold as a set by an individual, this set probably would bring around one dollar per piece, perhaps a bit more for serving pieces. It's interesting to note that a higher total value might be achieved by selling a few pieces at a time. If you look at actual sales on eBay, you'll see that when there is a sale of two or three pieces at a time, the per-piece price is often higher. This is because you open up the market to buyers looking to add a few pieces to an existing set. Compare the per-piece prices in these two recent sales: and .

It appears that the second set is the Magnolia pattern from Wm. Rogers which was a different company from Wm. A. Rogers. International Silver Company took over the Wm. Rogers brand in 1898. They continued to use the brand and introduced Magnolia in 1951. I do not know how long it was an active pattern. It has roughly the same value as the other set we discussed.

Cleaning with a mild silver polish is good. For these sets, it will not reduce the value and it might increase the value a bit. Do not use a chemical dip cleaner.  

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