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QUESTION: Hi Jim! quick question. I have a silver water pitcher 11 1/4 inches tall. It has three marks on it: StW AR 920 The "T" falls over the S and W. It passed the magnate test. I cannot find it on the web and have looked hard. It might be Italian. I was wondering if you could tell me if it is silver. It looks and smells like silver. Thanks in advance!

ANSWER: Hello.

I'm sorry to say I do not recognize this mark. The 920 is unusual if it relates to silver content. Sterling is 925 (92.5% silver) so it would be unusual to have a content so close (92% silver). Or the number could just be a model number and not relate to silver content at all.

Consider posting your question on the forum at They have a number of participants who might be able to identify what you have. They will require a picture of the piece and a picture of the mark.

Sorry I could not help.

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QUESTION: Thanks Jim. I continue to examine the piece. I may take it over to Triple A Precious metals in Portland Oregon. They have a machine they can put items into that reads the metal content. As I mentioned the strong magnate I have does not stick to it. The way the bottom stand is attached to the pitcher bowl (the bottom of the pitcher bowl which looks hand hammered) Does not look like the usual plated item, not feet or screws etc.... There is hand milling on the rim of the bowl stand also. All this is to say it looks hand made at the tapered. I don't want to do the acid test as it would mare the wonderful item. It weights 39.5 oz. I intend to sell it as a silver water pitcher but do not want to be wrong!

So.... besides the Acid test, and the machine, is there any other way I can determine the metal content that you know of?

Those tests are the ones I hear most about. Here is a video about the acid test. .

If you can provide proof of silver content in your sales ads, you'll stand a much better chance of getting a good price.

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