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Unknown Reed and Barton
Unknown Reed and Barto  
I received a service for 12 as a 25th work anniversary gift. I am trying to find out what the pattern is and what it might be worth. Can you help.

ANSWER: Hello.

Can you provide the following in a follow up question:

1. Words and/or symbols you find on the back of a fork or teaspoon.

2. Close up clear picture of a fork or teaspoon.

Thanks very much.


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Fork and Spoon
Fork and Spoon  
Reverse side of serving utensil
Reverse side of servin  
QUESTION: Thanks for your response. The forks and spoons all have the words Reed and Barton on them. I was able to observe the word Mirrostele on some of the serving pieces.


I should have been more specific. I need to see the complete front of a fork or spoon in order to try to determine the pattern.

The Mirrorstele probably relates to knife blades (stainless steel). However, it could relate to the entire set since Reed and Barton did make some stainless steel sets. The frontal picture will help narrow it down.

I will warn you that since the word, "Sterling", is not on the backs of forks and spoons, the set probably is made of silver plate or stainless steel. The value probably will be low.



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QUESTION: Hi Jim, here is the closeup of the fork and spoon. I hope this helps. Many thanks for your follow through on my requests.


I believe this is the silver plate pattern,"English Gentry", from Reed and Barton, introduced in 1977. But, be aware that Reed and Barton had a very similar pattern made of stainless steel. At various times, it was called "English Gentry", "Hamilton" and "Elegant Bead". It's sometimes difficult to distinguish between stainless steel and silver plate. Your pieces do not appear to have tarnished so they might be stainless steel. Of course, modern knife blades are always stainless steel, no matter what the rest of the set is made of.

One way to force tarnish is to place a piece in a zip lock back along with a chopped boiled egg. If a piece is made of silver plate (or any other silver type), significant tarnish will develop in a few hours because of the sulfur in the egg. It can be polished off.

An individual selling stainless steel or silver plate pieces could expect to get about a dollar per piece, maybe a bit more for serving pieces. Here is an example of an actual recent sale.

Hope this helps.


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