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Silver and Flatware/Yes, the Spoon "is" also, REED & BARTON-(in cursive)-& says STERLING, too.


QUESTION: Hello, I'm wondering what the two random pieces might be worth? I'm going to try to read writing & numbers, w/magnifier, my eyes aren't, so good, these days. Thank You, kindly, for your time. Sincerely, Michele


We need to know the pattern if possible. Could you attach a picture of the front? Or, you could look through the Reed & Barton patterns here (look in both sterling and silver plate sections): .

We will also need to know if they are made of sterling. The word, "Sterling", will be on the back if they are. Finally, we need the length.

Put the needed info in a follow-up question.

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Misc. unmatched random pieces
Misc. unmatched random  
This is the 2 pieces of Reed & Barton
This is the 2 pieces o  
QUESTION: I did manage to get some pictures, however, I'm afraid, to "touch" them/clean, yet. So, please forgive me.
I also, enclosing some other pictures of misc. items that may be worth something to collector(s). Two different bottle openers, that I think might be Silver as well?

ANSWER: Your forks appear to be in the Petite Fleur pattern. So does one spoon in the other picture.

There is a very thin market for this pattern. Most sales I've run across appear to be to people probably adding to existing sets. The forks would probably sell for $25 to $35 each to a buyer like I've described. I cannot tell how big the spoon is but if it is a serving spoon, it probably would sell for around $50. All pieces would need to be polished thoroughly to bring that much. If you sell to a dealer, you'll probably receive less.

I do not know what the other two patterns are. Tell me what the words and symbols are that you find on the back. Or, are they Reed & Barton also?

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Antique Bottle Opener
Antique Bottle Opener  
 Yes, the Spoon, is Reed & Barton-(cursive), STERLING is there, as well. Size of spoon is about 6 3/4"-same as smaller fork. I think it's DEEP Tablespoon? The large, FLAT triangular looking one, I think is some sort of pastry/pie server? The patterns, I think it might be, 1951 Magnolia Inspiration, 1901 Amaryllis- or 1949 Burgundy?
 I'm really going to have to do more research on, "who" to sell it, to. I haven't have enough time, to do so, yet. I don't think I'll have much luck, locally.
   Oh, I did have "1" more question on if you could refer me to a reputable entity, for value of old openers, from Buffalo, NY area, circa 1940-70's? I have a few others & OLD SCHOOL plastic bottle Toppers
Thank YOU, so much, you've ALREADY been a HUGE help!!!! Have a nice day, Sincerely, Michele Scheller

Sorry for delay in getting back to you. I was on vacation.

I don't know who to refer you to regarding the other items. If there are antique shows that visit your area, visit one and see if there are dealers in items like what you have. I have found such shows to be quite helpful.


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