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I picked up a large set off reed and barton silverware set.  There is no indication of sterling on the set, but days mirrorstele on the knifes only rest of set just is stamped reed and barton.  Only the knife end of the silver is magnetic the rest of the set is non-magnetic with that indicate that it possibly could be sterling silver thank you is there any other indicators I can tell it's sterling

The knife blades are made of stainless steel, a common practice in the industry. Mirrorstele is just Reed and Barton's trade name.

Any sterling made by R&B will have the word, "Sterling", on the back of forks and spoons. If it's not there, the set probably is silver plate or maybe all pieces are made of stainless steel. Look at both sterling and silver plate R&B patterns at this site to try to identify your set: .

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