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Dan wrote at 2006-12-19 18:21:19
I have a full set of the Martin, that you describe. I am looking for one teaspoon.  I acquired it from a  elderly lady that purchsed it in Germany. It is a heavy silverplate. I was told that it was manufactured in Germany.

Javed Talat wrote at 2007-07-17 07:27:39
I too have a full set of Martins, though one item, the cake knife is badly damaged. This set was bought in Germany in early sixties. I am surprised that there is no company that can own this product or may be the company does not appear on the internet. Someone in Germany may be able to guide and help.

Javed Talat

Linda Francis wrote at 2009-07-28 06:28:44
I too have Martin Silver plate that came directly from Germany.  The pattern I believe is called Rose Linda and is no longer in production.  Martin no longer exists but was taken over by Wilkens.  I am also missing pieces and would like to acquire salad forks, serving pieces and 4 forks.

forest wrote at 2012-06-03 19:28:27
I just purchased a like set of plated silver. I will be looking into it's worth and will respond with any information gleaned.

Andrea wrote at 2014-11-28 12:05:48
I have a set of MTN7 that I am trying to find some replacement pieces for as well. Very tricky. Let me know if you find a good source.


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