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Hello,I am in an accelerated american literature and composition class and we are doing a research paper on the influences of early American literature has had on today's literature. I have chosen to do my paper on Poe's influence on the Simpsons. If you have any insight into this topic, it would be greatly appreciated. Things that would help include; episodes he was mentioned in, his stories were mentioned in or appeared in, or if any of his characters appear in an episode.
Thank you.

Hi Haley

Thanks for the great question.  I am a massive fan of Poe and love noticing how he has been an influence on the writers of The Simpsons.  Hopefully I can help you with your research.

The episode "Treehouse of Horror" which is an annual episode of the Simpsons divided into 3 stories, contains a segment dedicated to "The Raven".  This is featured as the final story in the very first Treehouse episode.  James Earl Jones reads the poem with Homer as the narrator, Marge makes an appearance as Lenore and Bart is the Raven.  It is presented verbatim, though a few lines are cut.  A nice addition here was that Poe was credited as a co writer of the episode (along with the Simpsons writer Sam Simon).  I thought this was a nice touch.

The episode called "Lisa's Rival" features Lisa competing against a girl who for a school project recreates a scene from "The Tell Tale Heart".  After Lisa tries to sabotage her rivals chances of winning by hiding the project under the floorboards, it begins beating and she finally has to reveal that it is under the floor.

Some other references include a moment in "Saturdays of Thunder" where a TV ad shows Poe's tombstone being cleaned by Dr Nick Riviera as a demonstration of his new cleaning product.  In "Lisa The Simpsons" the House of Usher is shown exploding in the fictional Fox show "When Buildings Collapse".  In "Homers Triple Bypass", Homer can be seen ramming his car into the back of a truck driven by Hans Moleman.  The truck has a house on the back with a sign that reads "Birthplace of Edgar Allan Poe".

I hope I have been of some help!  

Please message back if you need more details :)


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