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I am a mom of 3. Two boys ages 8 and 6 and a little girl age 2. I recently made a decision to keep my child's father out of their life. When we broke up he had different females around them and was immature and disrespectful. We have been broken up for 3 yrs and he hasn't seen his children in a 1yr. He was constantly coming in and out their lives and making promises only to break them. Our daughter doesn't even remember him. My boys don't ask or talk about him. I have always said my door is open of he chooses to see them. When he does contact me it is to bother me about my life. I have told him that if he wanted to work things out fine we could but if not than stop contacting me about me because it is of no concern to him if he is still playing games. I have had to make some difficult choices that leave me feeling broken and questioning if I am making the right decisions. Even with all this my kids are happy and don't concern themselves with him so did I make the right choices?

Hi Samantha...

You can not make someone be a good father... It is up to him and seems like he has no interest so you have no choice then to move on and focus on your children... I think you made the best choice on focusing on raising your children.

Good luck!!!


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I was a single parent to my child his entire life. I have experienced many ups and downs that comes everyday with being a single parent. I have learned a lot throughout these years about child support/courts, ways to cope with the daily stress, day care issues, work, ADD, relationships, teenagers, when to compromise and when to not, money issues, discipline issues, etc. I have done an excellent job raising my son who is now on his own and functioning well. I am currently an Executive of my company without any type of degree. My perseverance and strength has gotten me this far in life and work. I learned to understand what I need to focus on in life and what I can`t waste time on, learning to compromise most situations.

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