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QUESTION: How would a child react of her mother has 27 permanent tattoos on her body, and she is a very good mother? Her mother makes her watch several videos about 30 hours long that show’s her mother getting those tattoos. Her mother got those tattoos when she was 18, shortly before she is born.

ANSWER: Hello,

I see you have sent me another question as well.

I am unsure how a child would react as every child is different.  However I don't see why it is even a concern ....

Thank you.

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QUESTION: So a child is not going to complain that her mother has 27 permanent tattoos, on her body if she is a very good mother? Is a child going to complain, if her mother makes her watch a movie of her getting those 27 tattoos if she has a very good relationship with her mother?

What would it help if the child complained? The mother has the tattoos and can do nothing about them.  It also doesn't make a difference whether the mother is good or not. It just is!  If the child wants to watch the movies then let the child, if she doesn't don't.  The mother should not make the child watch them, and if the relationship is good and the child wants to watch than the mother won't have to make the child watch the movies.

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