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Will my daughter father ever step up and be a real father towards her?

Hi Ranae!

It is hard to tell but usually a man does not change.  How they are now is probably the way they will always be.  

You can not make someone become a good has to be in them to want to do so.

However I do find that when a child has a lousy parent they tend to be better parents knowing how it feels to be unloved.  

I had the same issue with my son's father and I just did not focus on him being there for my son and focused more on me being a great mother.  My son turned out just fine with limited effort from his father.

Good Luck!


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I was a single parent to my child his entire life. I have experienced many ups and downs that comes everyday with being a single parent. I have learned a lot throughout these years about child support/courts, ways to cope with the daily stress, day care issues, work, ADD, relationships, teenagers, when to compromise and when to not, money issues, discipline issues, etc. I have done an excellent job raising my son who is now on his own and functioning well. I am currently an Executive of my company without any type of degree. My perseverance and strength has gotten me this far in life and work. I learned to understand what I need to focus on in life and what I can`t waste time on, learning to compromise most situations.

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