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Single Parenting/Helping my teen see that her father's behavior is unacceptable so she doesn't view men as cheaters


I am divorced a year and have custody of our daughter who just turned 18.  Her father sees her every other weekend and is allowing her to see that he is in relationships with two different women at the same time, neither know of each other.  He is showing our daughter that it is normal and acceptable behavior for a man to lie and cheat, and expecting her to accept that and lie along with him when she is in the company of the women and their children.  I'm afraid this will damage her views of what to expect from men in her life.  I don't know what I can do to help her see that this is wrong without badmouthing her father.  I would appreciate any advise you might have.  Thank you.

Hey Kim--

The only you can do with an 18 year old is be honest.  Discuss your feelings with her and share hers with you.

Probably to an 18 year older it may not be a big deal........they tend to allow a lot bounce off them and don't really care to much about things like this.  But if it does she will share this with you.

He should not expect her to lie also and have her caught up in his drama.......if your daughter has issues and is uncomfortable being in this "web" then I would speak to your ex and explain that she should not be involved with this mess.

Good Luck!

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I was a single parent to my child his entire life. I have experienced many ups and downs that comes everyday with being a single parent. I have learned a lot throughout these years about child support/courts, ways to cope with the daily stress, day care issues, work, ADD, relationships, teenagers, when to compromise and when to not, money issues, discipline issues, etc. I have done an excellent job raising my son who is now on his own and functioning well. I am currently an Executive of my company without any type of degree. My perseverance and strength has gotten me this far in life and work. I learned to understand what I need to focus on in life and what I can`t waste time on, learning to compromise most situations.

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