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What is the best approach to use for a single parent father to inform his daughter that she will have monthly cycles someday?

Should he give her booklets to read and then discuss the information with her or use some other method?

I thank you for your reply.

Good morning,

Thank you for your question.

You'd be surprised how much of this your daughter might already know, plus many schools also cover this topic.

Answering this question is unfortunately not straightforward. As it can be quite an uncomfortable and sensitive topic it also largely depends on your relationship with her and her age.

The Internet/books are good places to start so that she can get the correct information. You can then sit her down and determine what she already knows. Fill in the blanks and correct any misperceptions. Let her decide and let her lead the discussion.

I hope this helps.

Good luck and I respect your position and handling of this.


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