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HI there
I am currently going through a painful divorce from my wife. This coming Christmas, she is taking the kids away with her family to a cabin holiday so I will not see the children for the whole Christmas period. I would therefore like some advice as I would like to get as far away from Christmas as possible but also do something interesting where I would meet new people and experience new places/ cultures. I would prefer a place that is warm or hot. I have never been on a singles holiday so would
also like advice about that too.

hope you can help.

Andy, I am sorry to hear about your situation.  I sincerely feel your pain because not only did I go through an extremely nasty divorce, but my son died 6 years ago on Christmas Day so I am an expert at escaping  the holiday.  One of the best escapes I found was going to Vietnam and Cambodia during that time.  They don't do Christmas and it is culturally fascinating and warm.  My email is and would love if I could get some more info on you like where you live, age range, and interests.  Thanks Linda from Woodlake Travel

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