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I bought a new pair of ski boots this year and finally got the chance to use them but the first day and I have the most unbelievable pain in my toes, I opened the foot bindings and loosened the ankle ones but the pain was not alivated.  I had to cut my day short and don't want to miss anymore.  Any help appreciated.

Hey Colette,

The pain is caused by a nerve getting pinched in the foot. Normally it is one of the buckles that go over the instep. The could also be a high point somewhere in the boot liner. One of the more simple issues is a wrinkle in the sock at the right spot can cause an undue pressure point.

Try working the buckles at one notch looser on the foot buckles. As long as your ankle and calf buckles are snug, you should still have good control.

When you put on your socks, be sure the pull them on snug to eliminate wrinkles. Be sure that any toe seam is smooth and not directly on a toe knuckle. Get the toe seam to lay in the low spot where your toes and foot meet.

When you get your boot on, make sure that the liner and the tongue of the liner are laying smooth over your instep. If the tongue is offset to one side or the other, it can create a high point in the boot and cause pressure on your foot.

The other thing to do with the liner is to put on the boot following all the above steps and precautions, then walk around and try to determine if there is a specific pressure point somewhere in the boot. If you can determine a spot(s), remove the boot and use your hand/fingers to work that spot out. Think of it like massaging a knotted muscle. Work the spot on the liner to mash out the liner a bit. Most liners are designed to provide some give to help them mold to the foot over time. Giving specific points a bit of help in the molding process helps get a good fit sooner.

The other option would be to find a local ski shop and have the technicians there help you with customizing the fit. Custom fit can be a little spendy but minor fixes are usually worth a few $'s to correct.

Another helpful hint for boots, always keep them inside. Put them near the heat source to keep the liners warm (not too close). If traveling to a resort, keep the boots in the car and NOT in the trunk. Warm liners conform better to your foot than cold liners. Also, most resorts have boot dryers available. They usually only need a couple of coins to get them working and it is worth it to warm the boots before putting them on. Having your own boot dryer is a good idea also. They are not very expensive and well worth having. I take mine with me when traveling so I always have warm boots to put on each morning. They can also be used to dry your gloves.

Hope this helps.
Keep on skiing,

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