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I am an upper intermediate skier (ski mostly blue and easier black) with plans on improving.  I ski primarily on groomed runs though hope to dabble a little in powder and easy moguls.  I will never do freestyle beyond easy moguls.  I have a wide foot of about 110.  As such, I expect that most boots will have to be punched out a bit.   I am about 6'1" and weight about 220lbs. I am considering the Dalbello Boss but some sites say it is geared toward freestyle (not sure if that is merely marketing).  Othere sites say it will also be good for All Mountain.  What do you think?  I am open to any suggestions around 100 flex.

Hey Andrew,

From what you are saying about your feet, I would recommend going to a couple of shops that offer custom fitting. Get a good measurement of your feet and then try on a variety of boots that they recommend for the type of skiing you will be doing. Going to two or three shops will give you a good idea of what brands will feel best on your feet. Custom fit or heat molded boots should work well for you without actually trying to adjust the shell. The best advice will be found at your local shops.

Hope this helps.
Keep on skiing,

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