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QUESTION: i work with adaptive ski equipment..I'm 6'1"  230lbs......I need a stiff ski 150-160cm due my close proximity to the student/equipment..we get icy/frozen bases that the ski needs to be able to hold an edge at slower speeds.

ANSWER: Hey Wayne,

Great to hear that you work with the handicapped. I am always amazed and impressed with those folks that are enjoying skiing.

For the stiffest skis you would need to go to a race model ski. For the length you are looking at, a slalom ski would be better than a GS (giant slalom). If you want something that will perform almost as well but a little more forgiving, then look at all-mountian skis.

Hope this helps.
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: at that length are we talking Jr race skis???

Any recommendations?

Thanx for the help.....this wasn't a problem on soft snow..but things are changing...

Hey Wayne,

Some manufacturers are calling their race skis carving skis to get folks to buy fast, carving skis. It is more a sales ploy than any major technical difference. When people hear 'race' ski, they shy away. So, carving skis get folks back on 'race' skis. So search for carving skis when looking for info and sales.

Most men's skis of this type start at lengths of about 150cm and up. Depending upon what you decide to buy, finding the length you want shouldn't be too much trouble if you don't mind shopping online. Quite often the shorter lengths are more available at closeout prices. I'm mainly into telemark skiing now and don't have first hand knowledge of carving skis. I'm sending some links of reviews I found on carving skis.

Hope this helps.
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