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Ok I'm having a hard time determining which size snowboard I should get. I've done a few calculators, but each have given me different answers. I have always rented, have gone around 7-8 times, and would consider myself intermediate.
Height: 6' 0''
Weight: 190
Shoe Size: 11
Pants size: 34
Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks so much :)

Hey Johnny,

The rule of thumb is, stand the board up and the tip should reach from bottom of your neck to your nose. Some of board length depends on the style of riding you will be doing the most. If you like big turns, powder, and lots of speed, go with a longer board (should reach your nose). If rail parks and tricks are your thing, go with a shorter board (about shoulder height). There are lots of choices for board styles. If you want a board that will work well in the most conditions, then look for an 'all mountian' board. A freestyle board will do well for parks and tricks but won't perform quite as well in all mountian conditions. If you can, try renting a shorter freestyle board and then the next time, get a longer all mountian board. This will give you an idea of what works better for you. It all comes down to personal riding style. Also, with your size boots a wider board may be more comfortable depending on foot position. Freestyle foot position tends to have the toes and heels hanging off the board and dragging in deep turns. An all mountian stance is a more forward front foot with the rear foot angled slightly forward for less toe and heel drag.

Hope this helps.
Keep on Riding,

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