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Skin Conditions/Red bumps on inner thighs


Tom wrote at 2009-07-15 01:57:24
I have the same thing except I'm a guy. Is that possible? My family thinks it's a staff infection. The bumps vary in sizes but a on one side the bumps seem to be more raised while on the other they are flatter. Thanks

Chris wrote at 2010-01-10 05:51:50
I have the exact same thing as you; bumps that look the exact same and almost the exact same number of bumps! Did you ever figure out what those were or what did you use to heal them??

lyssa wrote at 2013-06-26 15:43:59
it is NOT from shaving! i have the same problem and i haven't shaved in a couple weeks.  

melanie wrote at 2014-01-08 06:14:58
I have had the same thing, only mine were between the very upper thighs where the buttcheeks meet on both sides they were pretty small and only a few on each cheek, and I do shave that difficult area as well. I made the mistake of picking at mine and it took 6 weeks for them to finally go away, some left scars. Can I ask how long yours lasted?

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