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Skin Conditions/I have extreme itching and burning around my lower lip


Hello I woke up with a big pimple on my chin but as the day went on
I started experiencing a lot of itch on my pimple
That gradually spreaded to the outline of my lower lip
If I slightly slide my fingertip horizontally on my lips outerline I feel a lot of tiny bumps
They itch intensively and burn
What do you think this disease might be?
I'm completely unfamiliar with this.
Thank you
By the way I'm a 24 year old female


It doesn't sound like a disease per se, but may simply be a boil, or more precisely a carbuncle which is a cluster of boils. You can use some antibiotic cream on it and if it comes to a head and drains you will know for sure.

If not, it may likely be an allergic reaction to something you've come into contact with, or something in your diet.

Has anything changed in your diet lately? Somethings come to mind, like soy products, shell fish, some cosmetics, etc. Try to think of anything you've used lately that's different.

Something that will help regardless if it's an allergy or a boil is a zinc and tea tree lotion.

Zinc and tea tree oil are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, which will help heal your boil faster, and or reduce the inflammation if it's an allergy.

Hope that helps.

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