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Skin Conditions/I have orange spots on my hands & arms when I get cold or eat ANYTHING. (PLEASE HELP ME ASAP)


My skin getting extremely pale & blue with orange patches on it.
My skin getting extrem  
QUESTION: Hello. Whenever I get cold or eat ANYTHING, my hands gets really pale and blue (like I'm dead) and orange spots appear. It doesn't only happen when I'm cold but it also happens whenever I have any type of food in my body. I don't think its an allergic reaction to some type of food because it happens when I eat anything. Honestly, I'm extremely embarrassed of my skin especially in public because I'm afraid if people will think I'm some kind of weird alien. So I would like to know WHAT this is & if I can take any lotion or medicine to make it go away. I'm desperate. Thanks.
PS. I attached an image of my skin so you can get a better idea of what it is, please look at it.

ANSWER: Martha,

This sounds like a possible combination of blood circulation and possibly eczema. When you're cold your blood flow to your organs increases which may give the blue effect to extremities such as hands and feet.

Eating also sends blood to the digestive system, so that may be why you experience the same after eating.

You seem to be fair skinned, so that is likely why your symptoms are that much more noticeable.

Eczema can also appear suddenly from cold exposure, so that's why I included it as a possibility.

Have you had regular check ups? Your doctor could possibly suggest a medication to increase blood circulation. (if that is in fact the cause) And may want to check you for allergies etc.

These are all simply guesses on my part Martha. I wish I could be more specific. But I would recommend letting your doctor know about this and get his or her recommendation.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you SO much for replying to me, I appreciate it a lot. I didn't go to my doctor for quite a long time (unless I really needed to see her) due to the fact that I don't really like her, BUT I'll definitely make an appointment. I would like to know, if it is poor blood circulation, what kind of medicine would my doctor give me? Like lotion, pills, etc.?


Your doctor will decide what she thinks is best after examining you. If in fact you have poor blood circulating and it is the cause of the pale skin and eczema symptoms.

This could include simply recommending OTC supplements and a change in your diet and even possibly recommended exercise etc. Or she may decide a prescription medication is best.

As for your eczema symptoms, I can recommend a good eczema lotion. It's formulated with zinc and tea tree oil which are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic.

I use it myself since I'm asthmatic and very prone to eczema.

It's available online without a prescription here:

The lotion is also excellent as a general body lotion and moisturizer, hand, face, and foot lotion etc.

One more thought, since you may not be experiencing symptoms at the time of your doctors appointment. You may want to bring or email the picture to your doctor so she can determine whether she thinks you have eczema along with your pale skin when cold or after eating.

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