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Hello, last Wednesday night I noticed I had two pinkish bumps on my leg. They were pretty hard and raised. The next morning they were much less hard, but I then noticed some more on my arms, feet and one on my hand. They are not itchy and very small and very scattered. They are not in clusters. Now I think there are two on my back. The ones that first appeared are flatter and have like a tiny brownish circle on them almost like a scab. My husband does not have any so I have ruled out bugs...

Any idea what I am dealing with?



It sounds a bit like ringworm, except you say they are not in clusters. If they do begin to develop into the tell tell circle pattern you'll know for sure. An anti-fungal lotion with zinc and tea tree will clear them up for you.

Might be an allergic reaction, or contact dermatitis. Either way, a good zinc lotion will help clear them up quickly.

If you could send a picture of them or elaborate a bit more if they have develop any further would be helpful.

Can you think of anything you've come into contact with lately, or anything in your diet that's changed?

I'll be happy to follow up with you if you like.

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