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Skin Conditions/Red round balls on hands and feet dyshidrosis?


Some period ago (28th dec - 04th jan) i had some itches on my hands, forearm, under armpits, belly and thigh.. i autodiagnosed and medicated as scabies. finished itching.

and then, since jan. 21st i realized some red balls in my hands and itches and burns. It goes and come back..when i use antihistaminic, it tends to reduce..i think when i drink alcohol, it returns.. in a period of stress..getting my first new job  (as a seafarer) and maybe it has affected my emotional..dont know.
im not drinking alcohol, neither antihistaminic...and it has appeared.
My head also itches..scurf, u know..

here are some pictures..
what is it? maybe dyshidrosis?

thank u


It may very well be dyshidrosis dermatitis, (eczema). You also may have scalp dermatitis as well. It could also be fungus, but since you say you've been under stress, and also have itchy scalp, I would lean towards dermatitis.

Either way the treatment is the same. What you need to get is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-fungal lotion with zinc pyrithione and tea tree oil to clear it up for you. I also know of a hair gel with zinc and tea tree oil which will clear up your scalp.

It's possible the alcohol consumption simply exacerbates your symptoms, but not necessarily causing them.

You'll also want to keep your feet as dry as possible. Change your socks regularly and also wash them in hot water, as well as bleach if possible.

Here is a link to my recommended treatment if you are able to order online. If not, check out the ingredients of the lotion and gel and try and get something at the drug store as close to them as possible.

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