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I recently started tanning at a new tanning salon and got these spots on my feet. There are right in the spot that my feet lay on the bed. I used a steroid liquid that my stepmom gave me and didnt go tanning for 3 days and it went away. I went tanning yesterday and now it is back and much much worse. Can you please tell me what this is.

Thanks so much :)



What you likely have is a burn and or heat rash. This can also be magnified by dehydration.

I'm not gong to lecture you on tanning, but I'm not fond of the long term effects it can have on aging your skin prematurely. Ok, I guess I lectured a bit....:)

What you can do is try and cover your feet with a towel, as well as make sure you drink plenty of water.

For fast relief from the rash, I would suggest a zinc lotion with tea tree oil which is anti-inflammatory as well as anti-fungal. Makes a great foot lotion to begin with and can be used all over on a regular basis if you like.

The simple solution of course is to stop tanning, but you already know that.

Try covering your feet, and search for a good zinc lotion with tea tree oil online and you should be fine. (don't forget to drink plenty of water)

Of course if your rash persists, stop tanning and see your doctor or dermatologist.

Hope that helps.

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