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Skin Conditions/Splits on fingers, can I superglue?


I have a problem with the skin on the tips of my fingers, especially the thumbs, only in winter.I work outside alot and when it gets frosty my hands get really dry. I get deep painful splits in the skin, usually from the corners of the nails. I have one on my thumb which is really painful (I never realised how much my thumb knocks into stuff everyday! Everytime I touch anything it re-opens the split and sometimes it bleeds) It is just not healing, but I don't want to go to the doctors for it because it is just a tiny cut, albeit VERY annoying.
I am wondering if I can superglue it shut so it can heal? I have tried moisturisers etc to no avail. I have even tried cutting the calloused skin off around the split, which initially worked as it started to heal, but then just split again in the same spot! Is it possible to glue it shut, without causing too much harm? If so how do I go about this, should I hold the split closed and put glue on the top, or put the glue inside the cut then close it?



I would suggest using a liquid bandage which will not only seal up the cracked area, but promote healing. You can find them at most chain drugstores, Walmart, etc.

They are designed for the exact problem you are experiencing. Using normal superglue won't have the anti-bacterial effect a liquid bandage is designed to have, and may contain harsh chemicals.

I live in cold weather area myself and have had the same problem at times.

Just do a search for liquid skin or liquid bandage, plenty of them will show up. You can choose one that is easily available in your area.

I'd also recommend using an anti-biotic cream or zinc lotion with tea tree oil on your hands during the healing process and afterwards during cold weather to prevent the problem from re-occurring.  

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