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Hi :) Names Kelly. I live in apartment with no pets and I don't think other roommates are having problems but the past few weeks I keep getting itchy spots like a bit. Mostly started on arms and back and going down to the legs and feet. I had exterminator come in but couldn't find anything but I am going to have a second opinion. I highly doubt it's mosquitoes. I threw out old body washes, sponges, and body lotions to see if that would work and it didn't. Normally my skin is fine with those kind of stuff, and other things. I doubt it's laundry detergent. What happens is I get a bump that is itchy. It will look pink then red in color and if I scratch there will be a hole like there is a bite. There is a history of fleas here :(. Do flea bites or bed bug bites itch? I can't see them too well but a bug sniffing dog will be coming in soon. A dermatologist did look at me and suspects bed bugs.


Both bed bugs and flea bites will be red, swollen, and itchy. Bed bug bites tend to be in straight lines as opposed to be erractically spread over a wide area.

Flea bites can be a bit larger almost resembling mosquito bites.

It's important not to scratch them as they can become infected.

I recommend using a zinc and tea tree lotion to relieve the itching, reduce the inflammation as well as provide anti-bacterial protection from infection. Not to mention the bugs don't like tea tree oil so they are less likely to attack your skin.

From what you have said, I'm leaning bed bugs too, although since your residence has a history of fleas I wouldn't rule that out either. Treatment for both is the same fortunately.  

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