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QUESTION: maybe like 3 days ago I woke up with these little tiny bumps
on my lips. They are not noticeable. unless i really really try to see them
with concentration up close in a mirror.
They feel like grains of sand when i rub my lips together.

ANSWER: Thapasya,

They sound like a virus, or canker sores. They likely will go away in a few days. If not, you may want to have them checked out by your doctor. It's fairly common to get these types of bumps on the lip or mouth from time to time.

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QUESTION: are there any specific reasons for these cank sores to come ?

ANSWER: Thapasya,

Cankor sores can be caused by a variety of reasons. It could be your diet. High acidic fruits and or vegetables can cause them. Or a vitamin deficiency has also been linked to them, such as b12, iron, zinc, and folic acid deficiency.

Generally if they persist longer than 3 weeks you should see a dentist or doctor. There are mouth rinses and other treatments that can be prescribed if needed.

If they are caused by a virus, they are contagious, so you do not want to have personal physical contact with anyone until they have healed.

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QUESTION: this morning i found those tiny bumps  spread  a litle bit on  my moustache area too and they feel like burning.please prefer me a medicine  please.


Well, if they have spread to your stomach, then it's starting to sound like an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis.

You can use a zinc and tea tree lotion on our stomach, and the outer part of your mouth, but you can not use it in the mouth or digest it.

You should try to think of anything you have eaten or come in contact with that may be causing this. If this is the case, avoiding the substance causing the reaction should solve your problem.  

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