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For years, my dermatologist in Santa Monica simply recommended Finacea for treating Rosacea, which I found it mildly effective at best. Since living in Taiwan over the past couple year, my condition has worsened, and I'm looking to other treatments. After researching online, I'm interested now in trying a run of doxycyline (250mg orally, 2x day I think) for awhile plus metronidazole gel. Is this advisable and are there any precautions you'd mention? I've also tried Alzelic (sp?) no benefit over 4 months.

Triggers naturally include spices, hot beverages, caffeine, sun...many of the things that we enjoy...and one other that we never do: stress. I'll curb all to the best of abilities/patience, but the topical/medication approach has to be the foundation.

Thanks in advance - I look forward to you reply.

Hi David,

Doxycycline does have numerous side effects listed on the link below from headaches to yellowing of the skin. You should know of course this is with some people. You may or may not experience some or all of these side effects.

As for metronidazole gel, the side effects are much less likely, but the effectiveness varies widely per individual as well.

I personally have been recommending zinc and tea tree oil lotion for some time for rosacea even when taking an oral medication. Zinc and tea tree oil are anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-fungal.

As doxycycline will not reduce redness in general it treats the lesions. Zinc and tea tree lotion would be perfect to use in conjunction to it to reduce the redness quickly along with it's other benefits listed above.

Here's an affordable quality lotion available online.  

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