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Hello, Sir!
I have recently noticed that I lost hair in my inner thighs and in the skin of the The triceps surae ... Sometimes the skin in these areas irritates me ... It is like I have recently shaved it. The patches are identical in both legs.... I am healthy ... 24 ... single ... on no medication ....
I really want to know what's the problem.
Thank you.


This could be due to numerous things. I'm going to guess it is simply from your skin rubbing together and or against clothing causing the problem. Of course this is common for the inner thighs, but I suppose the calf area is susceptible as well from clothing.

Tea tree oil is known to promote hair regrowth, as is also anti-inflammatory, so you might want to try a good tea tree lotion with zinc as well and see if that solves your problem.

Other than that, with limited information on your particulars, I won't think it is anything more serious.

Some elderly people and diabetics experience hair loss on their legs and feet due to poor circulation and other issues, but since you're young and healthy I doubt this applies to you.

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