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A couple months ago I noticed a very small light brown spot on the side of my index finger beside my nail. From a distance it looks like a freckle, but when I look very closely and spread it apart a little it looks like about 5 very thin lines all bunched together vertically. I actually for a second thought maybe I had random hair growth trying to break through! It doesn't hurt or itch at all, but it worried me that it just appeared. I am 20 years old and have never had skin cancer. What could this be? I don't remember ever damaging this finger, however I do have cats that sometimes with scratch my fingers if they are being playful.


Could be a number of things. Over exposure to the sun can cause brown spots, as well as vitamin deficiency. Of course a scratch from your cats could have caused this as well, and may actually be a scar that will take quite a while to fade away.

If this gets larger, spreads, become painful etc. you of course should have a dermatologist take a look at it.  

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