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QUESTION: hello,
I am a 15 year old girl and I have been noticing these bumps in my legs have been increasing. I didn't mind it that much but today i started to mess with it and it began to bleed. These bumps have been on my leg for about 2-3 year (guesstimating)and they have not been going away, instead they have been growing. It is located in my left leg, directly on my knee; and is not located anywhere else. I am just wondering if this is something i should be worrying about, or nothing major that needs to be checked out. Also the bumps isn't effecting me in anyway, its just that i am a curious person that want to know what is wrong with my legs.
Please answer when you recieve this, thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Megan,

Well, you haven't given me much to go on. Has your knee swelled up or have you injured it in the past? If so, it's possible it could be bursitis. Although at your age I wouldn't think so, but it is possible.

Could also be ingrown hairs. Another possibility is dermatitis, but I'm not leaning that way either since it is so isolated.

If you had a picture it would be helpful.

Since they have been increasing and growing, you should likely have them looked at. Could be something easily treated if properly diagnosed.

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my leg
my leg  
QUESTION: Hello again,
To answer your question about the swelling my mom says that my leg looks swollen after running or playing volleyball. Yesterday she told me that after my volleyball game. Also, this might not have to deal with the bumps or it might, but when i am in really cold environments or really hot ones my leg seems to get splotchy. like it looks like purple and red. It looks as if I have bruises all over my leg. This mostly occurs when i get out of the shower.
As you see i have uploaded a picture, and i hope that will help you let you better understand what this might be. And no i have not injured it in the past.
Hope to hear from you soon, and thanks again (:

ANSWER: Megan,

Thanks for taking the time to upload a picture. From the looks of it, it looks like eczema, which can be caused by allergies, or climate change, just to name a few causes.

Your knee does look a bit swollen. My suggestion would be to have your doctor look at it. Likely easily treated with the proper diagnosis.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the information,
but I have one more questio. Sorry to be wasting your time. You said it was a climate thing, but these bumps are a yearly thing, and when i asked my mother she told me that it is nothing to worry about.(Shes a nurse) and so i don't think twice about it. Also what is Eczema, is it something i should be worried about if I do not get it checked out. Because i have asked my doctor and she tells me it is fine and it will soon go away. But 2-3 years later it still hasnt gone away. So if I don't get it looked at is it bad?
Thank you for taking your time to tell me, and I appreciate your help and taking time out of your day to answer these questions.


Eczema is an inflammation of the skin which can be caused by allergies, heredity, or contact with an irritant. More annoying than anything.

Not sure if this is eczema, but it could be.

Since your mother is a nurse I would follow her advice.

If it bothers you, or gets worse, you should let your doctor know.

I'm going to close this question as I've many more to answer.

Hope this has been helpful.

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