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Hi Zac,
Hope you are doing good.
Can I request you to advice me on my below queries.I am facing following skin problems:
1) Acne (Since age of 16).They come and go but leave a mark which never goes.(Look in the pic attached)
2) Dark circles around the eyes and Sunken Eyes (Since Last 2 Years)
3) Dark Lips (Since Childhood)
4) Thin Skin

Medication taken

1) 3 Years back I consulted a Dermatologist who recommended
i)‘Retinol AC 1M’,
ii)‘E-Dox DT’ tablet.

After 2 months my Acne went off completely and did not come back until another 1 and half years.

2) Met a Dermatologist on 16/03/2013 , he suggested the following.
i)  C. Aceron (Morning and Evening),I have been searchin for this tablet on many medical shops but dint get it yet.
ii) T.Azithron(500 mg), 3 days a week.
iii) Kojiglo Cream around the eyes every night.

iv) Photoban “Aquagel” Sunscreen on face morning and afternoon. (Could not find this one yet)

v) Aloben Soap-Thrice a day.


1) Can you please advice me how to get rid of my skin problems and suggest some good products for my skin.

2) I have taken all the medication as prescribed by doctor but I dont see any improvement in my skin.

3) I got a 20% Glycolic chemical peel followed by micro dermabrassion done.My dermatologist suggested for 2-3 sittings of chemical peel.But I am scared my skin will thin further.

Personal Details:

I am 27 year unmarried female, Software engineer by profession.

Skin Type: Mix,T-Zone oily and rest dry, thin skin.

Please find my eyes,lips and facial pictures attached so that you can get a better view of my problems.


I believe your doctor has directed you correctly. You should follow the directions and allow some time to see positive results.

Since you have recently seen a dermatologist I don't feel I should contradict anything that was diagnosed first hand.

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