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Left wrist
Left wrist  

Left thigh
Left thigh  
They just showed up, what seemed to be, overnight about a week ago. When they first showed up it was on her left wrist and left thigh, but since then it has spread to her right thigh, behind the knees, buttocks, and slowly climbing to her back. She is three and has eczema. So, I just figured that is what they are. I applied hydrocortisone cream I purchased OTC and it seemed to be going away on her wrist, but not fully. The bumps are still there but have gone done and are almost smooth. Her diet hasn't changed and she has already been tested for food and environmental allergies. Results came back negative. The only thing that has changed is our laundry detergent. He did scratch the bumps on her left thigh but that stopped once the cream was applied.


Certainly looks like contact dermatitis, also know as eczema. The laundry detergent may very well be the culprit. You may want to try using Dreft, Ivory Snow, All Clear or a similar detergent right away and use that clothing washed in it to see if that helps. (liquid detergents rinse out better and leave less residue that can cause breakouts) Also be sure to use unscented.

Using an anti-inflammatory lotion such as zinc and tea tree lotion in my opinion would also speed up the healing process likely faster than hydrocortisone cream. (or you could use both)

Of course it goes without saying if the condition continues to worsen you'll need to see a doctor or dermatologist.  

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