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Hello....I hope you can offer some suggestions.  I have developed sores my scalp that ooze clear fluid and then get crusty . Im also being treated for statsis ulcers on my leg . I have also developed a rash in my neck, I do not have a family doctor but went to a clinic. My ulcers are being treated but they seemed to not s clue about my head sores. They have referred me to a demollogist which can take months to get into. I have read a little on google, could this be ringworm,? And would that cause the rash, I am a 61 year old male. Could all these skin conditions be related ? Thank you


What you describe is classic scalp dermatitis. The oozing you refer to is what's called the weeping effect from inflamed dermatitis outbreaks. When this fluid dries is becomes crusty.

It is not unusual after being scratched to also bleed a bit, so don't be alarmed.

Dermatitis of the scalp can be treated with zinc pyrithione which is common in many dandruff shampoos. However dandruff shampoos usually aren't sufficient to clear up dermatitis as they are not strong enough.

I would suggest using a hair gel with zinc and tea tree oil which will keep the active ingredients in contact with your scalp. I've seen scalp dermatitis cleared up in just a couple of days using FlakeFree therapeutic zinc gel.

Just Google it, it's available on numerous sites online.

Simple use as a normal hair gel working in with fingertips after shampooing. If you don't want the hold is provides, simply run a comb or brush through your hair after it sets.

Continue use until it's completely cleared up, and then at the earliest sign of a flare up. Of course you could use regularly to keep your scalp clear.

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