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Sleep Apnea/five year old blue lips


gilbert wrote at 2012-11-30 23:06:45

I am a RN and had a Pt with the same, or purple lips is a sign of cyanosis.....things to consider..Central Apnea, Petitmal seizures and also rule out any cardiac issues.....there is also asyndrome, where kids will hold their breath when upset.....usually fainting and will start breathing again on their own....doesn't sound like that might be the problem in your case....good luck!!

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Newell Mekemson


I am an expert in surgical solutions for obstructive sleep apnea. I can answer any quetsion related to different surgical interventions. In addition to surgeries, I have personal experience and knowledge with CPAP/Bi-PAP and AutoPAP machines. I have struggled with sleep apnea for almost ten years. In the process, I have had to conduct extensive reseach in an attempt to help solve a problem that doctors were stumped by. I have had cutting-edge surgeries performed at Stanford University Medical Center; many of these procedures are not widely known or performed by other doctors in the US. These surgeries inclue a maxillomandibular advancement, genioglossus advancement, turbinoplasty, partial turbinectomy, uvulectomy, tonsilectomy, nasal valve reconstruction, two septoplasties and multiple radiofrequency treatments on the base of my tongue. I am currently going through orthodontic treatment to prepare me for a maxillomandibular expansion. I have extensive knowledge in the link between physiology and sleep apnea. I want to help individuals in understanding their sleep study, figuring out why their cpap may or may not be working for them and discuss possible surgical alternatives to the cpap. I can also provide answers for the parents of children with OSA in regards to the importance of addressing OSA/snoring early childhood. This promotes normal facial growth and development as well addresses issues with bed wetting and ADHD.


Credits completed at four colleges; extensive research in the area sleep apnea.

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