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Sleep Apnea/Dreaming of Drowning


George A. Lozano wrote at 2012-12-31 03:48:31
I have a variety of similar dreams: (1) a fight in which someone is choking me, something that has never happened (2) snorkelling and going for a deep dive in the Caymans , something I have done, (3) sticking my head out of the car, like a dog, whereby I am prevented from breathing, something I probably did as a kid (4) running to the point that I am completely out of breath and my heart is pounding, something I sometimes do.

I wake up when I finally take a deep breath and when I wake up my heart is beating relatively fast.

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Newell Mekemson


I am an expert in surgical solutions for obstructive sleep apnea. I can answer any quetsion related to different surgical interventions. In addition to surgeries, I have personal experience and knowledge with CPAP/Bi-PAP and AutoPAP machines. I have struggled with sleep apnea for almost ten years. In the process, I have had to conduct extensive reseach in an attempt to help solve a problem that doctors were stumped by. I have had cutting-edge surgeries performed at Stanford University Medical Center; many of these procedures are not widely known or performed by other doctors in the US. These surgeries inclue a maxillomandibular advancement, genioglossus advancement, turbinoplasty, partial turbinectomy, uvulectomy, tonsilectomy, nasal valve reconstruction, two septoplasties and multiple radiofrequency treatments on the base of my tongue. I am currently going through orthodontic treatment to prepare me for a maxillomandibular expansion. I have extensive knowledge in the link between physiology and sleep apnea. I want to help individuals in understanding their sleep study, figuring out why their cpap may or may not be working for them and discuss possible surgical alternatives to the cpap. I can also provide answers for the parents of children with OSA in regards to the importance of addressing OSA/snoring early childhood. This promotes normal facial growth and development as well addresses issues with bed wetting and ADHD.


Credits completed at four colleges; extensive research in the area sleep apnea.

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